The CEEBI project is designed to introduce benchmarking to different European water supply sectors.

  Many countries have started benchmarking studies with the aim of improving performance in their water sectors. Metric benchmarking studies use standardized performance indicators like e.g. unit costs, water losses, renewal rates, supply safety, customer services. Benchmarking is used as a continuous process of comparing performance between different utilities but also over the timescale to track enhancements of each firm. The core idea of benchmarking is to provide and share information on best practices to achieve improvements in the company’s performances.

Corresponding to the principles of benchmarking the aim of the project is to learn from the best in class. With benchmarking, potentials for optimizations can be detected as well as the efficiency of operation can be verified. First of all benchmarking may serve as an internal controlling instrument.

The CEEBI benchmarking is a voluntary and anonymous comparison of company performances. Strong focus is laid on data security and data confidentiality. All company-data are governed and interpreted confidentially by a neutral and objective project team.