CEEBI project should provide a simple benchmarking platform that helps utilities gathering structured and consolidated data.


Aim of the CEEBI project is to converge different benchmarking studies (IWA, IAWD, OVGW, and German Projects) and to achieve similar definitions of variables, context information and performance indicators used. This will ensure a high standard of project quality concerning the comparability and data quality.

Aim of the CEEBI inception phase is to see if utilities of one country are willing to join in a benchmarking study and if they are able to deliver the data requested. In future different CEEBI inception projects of different countries shall be merged as CEEBI Project.

A crucial step during data processing is to determine the most relevant influencing factors on performances for the appropriate definition of peer groups and to achieve an optimal validity of comparison.
The participants will benefit by receiving a feedback report on their own performance in comparison with the anonymous results of other comparable utilities.
CEEBI shall induce an information sharing network among utilities that leads to the derivation of measures to enhance performance. The comparison with existing data of Austrian and German projects shall help to see other practices.
The strategic and long term goal of CEEBI is to introduce high quality benchmarking similar to OVGW benchmarking as a continuous management tool among the new EU countries.