Basis & Benefits

Aim of the CEEBI project is to converge different benchmarking studies and to achieve similar definitions of variables, context information and performance indicators.


The inception phase of CEEBI shall be based on:

  • IWA Performance Indicator System (Alegre et. al 2006)
  • OVGW Benchmarking Project - 70 Participants
  • IAWD Performance Indicators Study (Technical-Economical Advisory Board, May 2005)
  • German benchmarking projects (e.g. Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg)

Based on the feedback of participating utilities of the Austrian benchmarking project the following benefits can expect:

  • One of the first outcomes of data collection is the future availability of structured and consolidated data.
  • The positions of the utilities within the sector will be determinated and the performance of each firm can be documented to the stakeholders as e.g. customers, shareholders, municipality and authorities. This creates transparency and reduces mistrust.
  • Gaps or deficits in a firmís performance can be identified and measures for improvement can be derived.