Inception phase

The inception phase of the CEEBI project shall only use a few key performance indicators applied among some selected water supply utilities.

  During the inception phase partner institutions (e.g. Universities, associations) shall carry out pilot projects on benchmarking in different countries using only some key performance indicators in order to keep the effort for data gathering within a limit.

The suggested performance indicators system shall include about 15 to 20 performance indicators. The exercise should act as an inception project for participants of southern and eastern Europe and new EU countries. A simplified data gathering form based on Microsoft Excel (R) was developed by the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna and can be provided to any interested partner who wants to join the cooperation.

It is intended to use additional data of selected participants of existing benchmarking projects of e.g. Austria and Germany to enlarge the number of data sets and to provide reference values. These utilities will be asked for their agreement for data-release separately.

After the inception project proved successful, the future concept for benchmarking in the water sector should be a high quality benchmarking according to the standards of the Austrian OVGW and the Bavarian EffWB benchmarking. A broader future project could be funded e. g. as an EU fp7 “capacity building” project.