The International Association of Waterworks in the Danube Catchement Area (IAWD) is offering a Benchmarking project for water supply utilities.

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IAWD Benchmarking Project


In cooperation with

Central and Eastern European Benchmarking Initiative






The project will be carried out according to the concept of the Central and Eastern European Benchmarking Initiative (CEEBI).

Responsible Austrian partners of IAWD will be the BOKU University Vienna and Graz University of Technology. National or regional partners (e.g. universities or associations) shall be involved to carry out the data acquisition using standardised acquisition forms (MS Excel®). Data analysis and feedback process will be carried out by the Austrian partners in close cooperation with all partners. Participants will receive one individual report showing the individual position for each indicator in comparison with all other participants (results will be reported only confidentially –
see “Code of Conduct”).


The general conditions of the project are:

    IAWD is the project governing organisation.

    The project will be carried out according to established rules (Code of Conduct).

    The executive project team will consist of two Austrian university Institutes and national or regional partner institutions like associations or universities.

    The IAWD benchmarking is a voluntary and confidential comparison of company performances. Strong focus is laid on data security and data confidentiality. All company-data are governed and interpreted confidentially by a neutral and objective project team.

    An IAWD membership is no precondition for participation.

    Participants have to pay a participation fee. The fee will be graded towards the total water intake. The IAWD will fund the fixed costs of the project and will provide subsidies for a part of the variable costs per participant for the first 15 waterworks who will sign in.



Participation fee:

Total water intake (2008)

Fixed costs

Fee per participant (variable costs)

Subsidies for the first 15 waterworks

> 5 Mio. m3

Funded by IAWD

€ 3.500

€ 500

1-5 Mio m³

€ 2.250

€ 500

< 1 Mio m³

€ 1.000

€ 500


IAWD grant for fixed costs:                  € 53.023

IAWD grant for subsidies: 15 x 500 =       7.500

Total IAWD grant                                  € 60.523



Anticipated effort for participants:

    On the basis of the experiences of the pilot project the effort for data acquisition is about 1 to 3 days (shorter for smaller companies, longer for larger companies).

    Participation at 2 workshops in Vienna or other venue will require another 2 to 3 personnel days plus travelling expenses.        .
1st Workshop: introduction and information at the beginning and
2nd Workshop: sharing of knowledge and experience at the end of the project

    Screening the results of the individual report and derivation and implementation of improvements as well as individual information sharing with benchmarking partners will be carried out on individual level and with autonomous effort.


Anticipated benefits for participants:

    Gain of knowledge about the own utility by the structured and extensive way of data acquisition.

    Getting to know the position within the sector and tracking the effects of measures by the annual change of performance results.

    Optimisation by deriving measures based on both performance results (strength-weakness analysis) and on sharing information on best practices.


For further information please contact IAWD: office@iawd.at